Due to safety precautions during the COVID-19 situation, all classes for now will be available online.

Online Garuda Classes

How does it work?


1. Please check the timetable below and purchase your class via the payment link.


2. Let me know by SMS: 0033 (0)662764692 which class you are interested in doing.


3. You will receive a Zoom link approx. 20 mins before class starts.


4. Please ensure that your phone and other devices/background noises are turned off and kindly ask members of your household to not disturb you during your class.


5. Please click the link and it will direct you to Zoom. You do not have to join as a member but you may need to download (it will prompt you to do so and takes just a minute, so no need to do this in advance)


6. If you are using an iPhone or iPad you may need to download the "App Zoom Cloud Meetings"


7. Please ensure that your camera and sound is on and your device is fully charged.


8. You should then be able to see me and hear me! Please note that we will all be able to see each other.


9. We will say a quick Hi to each other and check mat positioning so I can clearly see you and you can see and hear me.


10. We will then get started.




You will need a laptop, iPhone or iPad with a functioning camera and sound and a Yoga mat.





If you are already a client of Lisa then this is ideal.


If you have never attended before it is still possible but please email Lisa contact@lifepassionmonaco.com

to reply to the questionnaire and sign an online waiver.

Classes Online are non refundable


Private online class available on request


Garuda Classes are twice a day Monday - Friday at:


9h30 - 10H30

17h - 18h


Hope to see you online soon!


Lisa Plutoni @ Garuda Monaco